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  • Beth Barany

    Beth Barany

    Writing teacher. Science Fiction/Fantasy award-winning novelist. Get “10 Ways to Generate Ideas While Stuck Inside” free e-book: http://bethb.net/10waysinsidebb

  • Jon Campoverde

    Jon Campoverde

    Christ follower. Student at Dallas Theological Seminary. Nowhere near perfect. Avid reader. Writer. Gamer. Music lover.

  • Music Review Radar

    Music Review Radar

    Metal and rock freelance writer for hire

  • Narrative Muse

    Narrative Muse

    Get perfect-for-you book & movie recs at http://narrativemuse.co.

  • Yann Girard

    Yann Girard

    I think, live & breathe here: http://yanngirard.com

  • Debbie Holloway

    Debbie Holloway

    Debbie reviews movies for Narrative Muse & lives in Brooklyn. She loves creativity, kindness, Mexican food, yoga, GIFs, theatre, & reading on the subway.

  • Farahnaz Mohammed

    Farahnaz Mohammed

    I get it from my mother.

  • Mary Jo Campbell

    Mary Jo Campbell

    Raising 2 teen boys, 2 dogs + 1 husband while consuming coffee + distributing sass. Inspiring the lost creatives and wounded writers on my pub: shehaswritten.

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